Laser cutting

Our company, which is assertive about the 24 Hours Working Policy, has 3 Laser Cutting Machines in Its Structure. It can be processed in thick materials with our machines with 3000x1500x8 KW Power. 4000x2000 - 3000x1500 bench With Durma Laser Machine Park, which has the feature of cutting up to 20 (mm) in Stainless Sheets, 12 (mm) in Aluminum Sheets, and up to 8 (mm) in Galvanized Sheets, with 0.05 (mm) precision, it performs high-quality, fast and cost-effective cuts. MATERIAL THICKNESS (MAX) Black Sheet (St-37 /St-52) 25 mm Stainless Steel 20 mm Galvanized Sheet 10 mm Aluminum Sheet 15 mm