What We Do


Our company, which provides high quality service to its customers with its high quality understanding, flexible solutions and rational price policies, continues its activities in the "Sheet Metal Processing" sector. Our company, which has strengthened its corporate structure day by day by using the advantages of a flexible, innovative and success-oriented management approach, has taken its place among the most recognized and appreciated companies in the sector with the right investments made at the right times.


Located in the Dudullu OSB District of Istanbul, DES Industrial Zone, our company offers solutions to its customers by evaluating the production demands from many points of Turkey, mostly from Istanbul and the surrounding provinces, with its production area.

As CNC, Laser Cutting, Punch Cutting, Press Brake Bending, Profile Bending, Cylinder Bending, Gas Submerged and Spot Welding, TIG / MIG Welding, Profile Cutting, Perforated Sheet Manufacturing, Guillotine Cutting, Assembly and many other sheet metal processing operations meet the demands of their customers at a single point. is in a position to meet it.


As a result of the examination made on the existing customer portfolio, it has been determined that the customers in the Machine Bodies, Machine Parts, Elevator, Industrial Kitchen Cabinets, Construction Products, Automotive, Ventilation Ducts, Rack Cabinets and Cases, Metal Shelves, Industrial Appliances, Consumer Products sectors are heavily served.


As a result of the high experience it has gained since its establishment, our company has correctly evaluated the expectations of its customers and placed its service understanding structure at the center of customer demands, and has continued to make a difference with its quality and service understanding for our customers with high expectations.


At the point reached today, EforLazer, evaluating the deficiencies of the sector with the vision of making a difference, is advancing with fast and solid steps in its field. As a company that connects its success to the success of its customers, the EforLazer family works harder every day to meet your expectations that require experience and talent, such as high quality, reasonable price and fast service, and it is a great pleasure to do business with you.


Being aware of the responsibility you have given us, we would like to state that our understanding of quality appeals to the upper segments. As EforLazer, we have given great importance to the "Quality Control" process in the projects we have realized so far. By following the developing technology and practices, we took measures to minimize the problems that may occur before, during and after production.


In addition to the Quality Certificates, we promise to offer you the products you have requested completely, in our Quality Control Processes Supported by Computer Systems and Our Team, Which Detects Possible Errors on the Site by Creating Internal Audits and Intervenes.


In order to increase productivity and quality at the same time, "What can we do better than this?" We continue to ask questions.


Our Difference Is That, Although We Provide A Service That Can Exceed Your Quality Expectations, We Demand Affordable Prices. Our Sales Department, which works very sensitively in this regard, is making great efforts to minimize the costs of our customers. We hope that one day you too will benefit from the advantages of this service. So Why Shouldn't That Day Be Today?




Packaging and Shipment of our products, which are produced in accordance with our quality standards, are carried out with great care. In order to provide better service to our customers and to minimize possible damage and victimization, final checks are made before delivery and packaging process is started.


During this process, the most appropriate packaging is done by taking into account the values ​​​​such as the size, weight and volume of the products to be shipped. Then, your packaged products are labeled and made ready for shipment.


During the shipment, the packaging process is carried out according to the characteristics of the packages. The palletizing process, which is used to avoid problems during loading and unloading and to accelerate these processes, is carefully applied.